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At Fgerod & Fgerod Ltd, we understand that deciding on a career path and finding a school to fulfil those aspiration can be a daunting experience and indeed difficult most especially for international students. Our Educational and Career Services delivered by very experienced staff help provides an arm chair deal for our clients/customers, where they sit back and relax while we do all the hard work on their behalf.


With most families, especially in developing economies like Africa willing to fulfil their education dream or send their children abroad to study due to the quality of services and certainty of outcome, the education export abroad is massive and we capture a large share of this market through matured and wide contact developed over the years through marketing and referrals. Majority of our staff have studied abroad as international students; and with the added advantage of the experience acquired, they understand and can easily relate with our customers to help provide them the best deal.


Our service offerings include the following:

  • Recruitment of students into schools overseas ranging from high schools, colleges and universities.

We represent major international educational institutions, and based on mutual agreement, we assist students’ source for schools, provide them with career and educational counselling, and assist with securing admission into the course of their choices. We also provide a liaison services between the school and the students and their families during the duration of their programme.


  • We also represent highly rated international schools in the provision of training for businesses, corporations and government establishment. The arrangement can either be for the schools to provide the services in their location or alternatively invited to the home countries where the customer is based.
  • Others services we provide include:
    • Airport pick up and private housing services
    • Immigration  and travel advise
  • ​​​Affiliations:  We represent highly rated international schools all over the world amonst which are:

    • KSA - Colleage and A-level equivalent - Highly eated and award winning school in Ontario Canada that help prepare student for university admission. Over 98% success rate in getting student into highly rated and universities in Canada in various courses

    • London School of Business and Finance:  One -stop rated school with campuses in UK, Canada, Singapore etc for business, accounting, management, MBA degree. Winner of various prestigious award for excellence 

    • University of Canada West - Top rated university for management and business studies includig MBA based in Vancouver, Canada

    • Concordia University, USA - Top rated university for management and business studies includig MBA based in Chicago, United States of America,

    • Others:  Universities and Colleges in Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, etc.

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+234(0)81 3446 7680 





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